• Fire Suppression for the Mining FirePro™

    Mine operators demand a compact fire protection system that is effective, robust and autonomous. FirePro can help in the fire detection and suppression of fires related to power generation equipment, vehicles and electrical equipment. Our systems can considerably reduce hazards to personnel and prevent financial losses due to down times.

  • Mining Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment Fire Protection Systems

    The AFEX system is purpose-built to withstand the everyday abuse present in the mining industry. AFEX systems are commonly installed on wheel loaders, dozers, and s. Our 125 lb. tanks, 30 lb. tanks, and dual agent (dry and wet chemical) systems are perfect for larger machines such as haul trucks and hydraulic shovels.

  • Product Series Ansul

    The A-101 Fire Suppression System is an automatic or manual fire suppression system using FORAY dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires. The system is designed for use on large, off-road type construction and mining equipment, underground mining equipment and specialty vehicles.

  • Fire protection and safety in tunnels: ventilation, fire

    Feb 14, 2020· To combat the dangerous associated with inadequate ventilation and fire suppression systems, mining infrastructure and safety equipment is advancing to make the industry safer and more efficient. There are now a number of options availe to mine operators to ensure that the atmosphere underground is safe, minimising the risk of fire.

  • What to look for in a heavy equipment fire suppression system

    These types of systems dominate in mining, forestry and other rough and tumble industries. If ruggedness is a concern, this type of system is the better cho. Rubber hose is used to varying extents to create a fire suppression system’s distribution net.

  • Solutions Ansul

    Fires pose one of the greatest safety threats to mines. You need a fire suppression solution that keeps your crew safe, your equipment secure and your mine operating. ANSUL offers dependable, fast-acting fire suppression solutions to safeguard your people, while protecting your business — even in the most harsh conditions. Safer. Smarter. Tyco™

  • Fire Safety Alert Undergroud Diesel Equipment Mine

    The fire was extinguished using a fire hose from the water system near the conveyor belt drive after all availe fire extinguishers were used unsuccessfully. Best Practs: MSHA urges mine operators and miners to be aware of fire hazards involving underground mine equipment

  • Fire Suppression Systems by Firetrace

    Browse Systems by Application. Whether it’s a small enclosure or a large facility, if there is a potential risk of fire, we can custom build a suppression system to protect your critical machinery and

  • Improvments in Conveyor Belt Fire Suppression Systems for

    Current regulations for fire suppression systems in underground coal mines to protect conveyor belt installations have been in place since the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969 was enacted. Over time, mechanized mining equipment

  • Mining Safety Equipment Supplier, Servs and Training

    From early warning and automatic detection to suppression systems and manual firefighting equipment, taking the right steps to be prepared is crucial. Working at heights and in confined spaces Mines and process plants require equipment

  • Fire Systems — National Extinguisher Serv

    Ideal for small vehicles to large non-road equipment: s, haul trucks, loaders, drag lines, dozers, drills, scrapers, graders, compactors, slag pot carriers, underground mining equipment, forestry, waste haulers, and agricultural vehicles. Our vehicle systems ensure fire protection

  • Mining Fire Suppression Systems Firestorm Fire

    Firestorm Fire Protection are experts at installing and servicing mining vehicles and machinery with suitable fire suppression systems. Our Company understands that mining equipment is constantly pushed to the max, and depending on usage, different machines will have differing fire