• VersaFlex Filling Control Joints VersaFlex

    To protect and fill. A concrete joint and its filler material undergo many stresses during the curing period of new ss and that continues during its serv life with ongoing shrinkage, thermal cycling, and traffic loads. After cutting 1/8-to 3/16-inch-wide control joints, the saw-cut edges of

  • Sawcut Joint Fillers Metzger McGuire

    Protect and repair sawcut joints in your concrete flooring with filler products you can trust from our selection of industry-leading semi-rigid epoxy and polyurea joint fillers. Sawcut joints are the most vulnerable part of concrete floor system. Unprotected joints will erode or spall over time and lead to multiple problems.

  • Best Concrete Crack Filler (2020): Reviews and Comparison

    The filler is flexible and adjusts itself to the natural expansion and contraction of concrete in hot and cold weather, respectively. It can fill and repair concrete cracks up to one inch in width. It seals the crack and prevents moisture from seeping in. It's availe in gray and light gray shades.

  • Flexible Epoxy Joint Filler for Saw Cut Joints Product

    Epoxy Joint Filler for Saw-Cut Control Joints Product #11 is a 100% solids zero (0) VOC, flexible epoxy joint filler for saw-cut joints of concrete ss on grade, or to repair existing ss. Epoxy.Saw-Cut Control Joint Filler Product #11 absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic, preventing erosion of control joint

  • Concrete Control Joints 101: How to Apply Filler For

    Oct 19, 2018· Designed to fill and repair saw-cut contraction and construction joints in industrial concrete floors in settings such as distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities

  • Sealing Joints in a Concrete S The Concrete Net

    A filler is a rigid material that supports the edge of the joint when heavy traffic crosses. This type of material is only effective with saw-cut joints; rounded tooled edges can't support the filler. Both sealers and fillers should only be installed after the s has had a chance to shrink as much as possible.

  • Saw Cut and Control Joint Sealants Mortar Grout Epoxy

    Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050) is specifically designed for sealing saw cut joints in concrete floors. Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050) is availe in an easy to use equal part mix ratio. Supplied as a black hardener and white compound, Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050) when properly mixed, is grey in colour and blends well with most concrete floors.

  • Filling Control Joints in Concrete Ss| Concrete

    Oct 08, 2015· But in recent years there have been debates among concrete professionals over the best methods and materials to properly fill control joints. Owners want to move projects along as quickly as possible and there is always pressure to cut costs and save money. Enter polyurea to the joint filler market in the mid-1990s.

  • When, Where, and How to Make Saw Cuts in Concrete

    Oct 08, 2018· Saw cuts are a used to create control joints in concrete, which help control where cracking occurs due to shrinkage. The cuts should be made at a predetermined spacing and only after the concrete has obtained sufficient strength but before internal cracking begins. Therefore, the timing of saw cuts is critical.

  • Sealing expansion and control joints in your concrete

    Jun 15, 2015· Filling the saw cut is mandatory as control joints are 1/4 the thickness of the concrete. On a 4″ s, that is a 1″ deep saw cut and nobody want to use that much caulking. Fill the saw cut 1/4″ to 3/8″ below the concrete surface and proceed as above.

  • Control Joints & Saw Cut Filling The MJA Company

    In some cases, control joints are done after the concrete has cured and hardened by cutting lines in the floors with a concrete saw. To be effective, saw cuts should be 1/4 of the s thickness. While these

  • Elastomeric Joint Sealant, Caulking, Crack Fillers Epoxy

    Product #11 Epoxy Joint Filler useful where you need something semi-flexible, but need it to hold up to heavy weight. Epoxy Product #11 is a 100% solids flexible epoxy joint filler for saw-cut joints of concrete

  • Colored Control Joint Fillers and Colored Saw Cut fillers

    Colored saw cut fillers (mistakenly known as expansion joint fillers), and other industrial floor repair products are availe in the US, Canada and Mexico and abroad. Epoxies, polyureas and more in 72

  • Sawcut Control Joint Filler for Concrete Floors

    The Atlas Epoxy Joint Filler is a 100% solids, high strength, semi-rigid epoxy material to protect saw cut control joints in industrial floors that will be exposed to heavy wheel traffic. Atlas Epoxy Joint Filler has high Shore A Hardness, high tensile strength & elongation and will not tear from the concrete.

  • How To Apply Concrete Joint Filler White Cap News

    Sep 10, 2018· Due to dirt and debris being tracked into the saw-cut joints during s curing, the joints must be cleaned out (usually with a walk-behind floor saw), faces of the joint must have an open

  • 125 ft. Medium Gray Permanent Concrete Joint and Crack Filler

    Fill concrete cracks and joints without using a pro grade melter with the 125 ft. Medium Gray Crack-Stix Permanent Concrete Joint and Crack Filler. Originally used for federally specified highway jobs, this filler is an easy permanent solution for keeping concrete

  • Saw Cut and Control Joint Sealants Mortar Grout Epoxy

    Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050) is specifically designed for sealing saw cut joints in concrete floors. Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050) is availe in an easy to use equal part mix ratio.Supplied as a black hardener and white compound, Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050) when properly mixed, is grey in colour and blends well with most concrete floors. Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050) gives support to the edges of saw

  • REZI-WELD FLEX Semi-Rigid Epoxy Joint Filler W. R. Meadows

    Joint frequency, width, and depth shall be as specified by the design engineer. It is suggested that the width of a typical saw cut shall be 1/4″ (6.4 mm) maximum. The suggested depth of the saw cut

  • Polyurea & Epoxy Joint Fillers Tennant Coatings

    Polyurea and Epoxy Joint Fillers for Concrete Floors. The importance of utilizing concrete joint fillers in concrete floors cannot be understated. Joints common to resinous flooring include expansion joints, construction joints and control joints. They help maintain the structural integrity of concrete

  • what to use when filling concrete drivway saw cuts

    Oct 31, 2011· By saw cuts, do mean the cuts that the concrete company did when installing the driveway If so, these are expansion joints. The are meant to prevent damage to the driveway during freeze/thaw. If so, don't fill these at all. If its just cracks that exist in the driveway, or saw cuts made for another reason, then use an expandable concrete filler.

  • 302.1R-04 Guide for Concrete Floor and S Construction

    4.6—Concrete placement conditions Chapter 5—Materials, p. 302.1R-20 5.1—Introduction 5.2—Concrete 5.3—Portland cement 5.4—Aggregates 5.5—Water 5.6—Curing materials

  • Filling the Joint Concrete Decor

    The idea here is to fill the joint and eliminate concrete spalling at cut edges. This type of joint filler will dry in about an hour and be ready for grinding. Another type of filler, more of an epoxy filler, has a

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    Archer USA 16 in. Diamond Blade for Concrete Cutting (4) Model# LWCP16 $ 100 52. Diamabrush Coating Removal Mastic 25 Grit Replacement Blades Kit (10-Piece) (2) Model# 2118764 $ 95 24. EDiamondTools 10 in. Segmented Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete and Masonry (6) Model# SG10X $ 39 97 /piece. EDiamondTools 20 in. All Purpose Diamond Saw

  • Sealing cracks and saw cut joints YouTube

    How to seal your saw cut joints and cracks. How to clean out the saw cut joints and cracks.