• How to avoid sticking and picking Manufacturing Chemist

    Cohesive Forces: Forming A Solid Dose TabletSimple Considerations to Alleviate Sticking and PickingReducing Picking with Font SelectionChanging The Engraving CutMaterials of Tooling Constructionin ConclusionReferencesThe formation of a compact is the result of chemical dispersive and mechanical forces joining particles to form a solid of measurable density and porosity. The cohesive forces binding the particles together can be assessed using a series of studies to determine whether problems with tablet compaction can be anticipated.1Compaction profiles and strain rate studies are important aspects of development projects. These studies ensur在manufacturingchemist上查看更多信息
  • Sticky situation Analysing common sticking and picking

    May 09, 2017· Compression tooling manufacturers can often identify potential sticking and picking issues before tablet and tool designs have been finalised, reducing the challenge shared by the tablet manufacturer and the tooling vendor. Sticking and picking issues generally arise from either formulation or tablet design inadequacies.

  • Preventing Filming, Sticking of Cohesive Compounds

    Feb 24, 2014· Sticking occurs when particles adhere to the punch face during the compression process. Filming is a slower form of sticking which can occur over time on the punch surface during the tableting process. Film formation and ultimately sticking during compression can lead to problems with tablet thickness, embossment (legibility) and coating.


    Pre-picking letter or numeral islands and isolated areas as well as tapering the engraving cuts for some let ters will often alleviate picking problems. Consider running a full-scale performance lot, including tooling stations with different pre-pick and taper, to identify potential picking and sticking problems before they appear.

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  • Tablet press operation: Sticking and Picking

    Aug 08, 2017· Sticking occurs when granules attach themselves to the faces of tablet press punches. Picking is a more specific term that describes product sticking only within the letters, logos, or designs on the punch faces. This article explains the causes of sticking and picking and describes the steps you can take to resolve both problems.

  • TABLET FORMULATION Reformulation of Tablets to Resolve

    The blend was sticking beneath the feeding and getting charred. It is seen in Figure 1B. The blend also was sticking to upper and lower tooling. The tablet surface showed discoloration and picking in the center of the tablet, shown in Figure 1C. Scientists observed that some of the tablets were capped as they came off the press, but no capping

  • How prevalent is punch sticking problem in tablet

    Tooling : It contributes to half the sticking/picking issues. Rectifying the tooling design mitigates/eliminates the picking. Characters, their spacing, and size, and score design affects sticking

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  • Preventing Filming, Sticking of Cohesive Compounds

    Feb 24, 2014· Sticking occurs when particles adhere to the punch face during the compression process. Filming is a slower form of sticking which can occur over time on the punch surface during the tableting process. Film formation and ultimately sticking during compression can lead to problems with tablet thickness, embossment (legibility) and coating.

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